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Ultimate Guide to Crushing 6max - Pleno (2014)

What is it?
Over the last few weeks Ive had to turn down a lot of private coaching sessions because Im simply too busy either playing, commitments to PokerStrategy.com or other related things. I want to make the ultimate guide to crush 6max cash games in 2014. I want to make something that I am proud of and think of it as if I was a NL50 player however many years ago and could access this it would accelerate my progression through the stakes.

I see a lot of these packs now, but IMO they are done by players who dont play anymore and dont understand common modern day tendancies. There are some things that almost every student struggles with and I will tackle those areas in this course. However I am not an ABC player I like to think outside the box and I think thats what gives me a very good win rate in todays game by being able to combine very good fundamentals with the ability to know how to think otuside the boy and when to do it.

This course will IMO be the most relevant, up to date, technical course on the market. I obviously would think this, but I genuinely think this is the most important and best value course that has ever been released for NL Holdem 6max. Because of that I will be offering a 100% refund is somebody does not find it value for money for whatever reason.

What does it contain?

The package will consist of 4 areas and have over 10 videos.
1) Tough common problems that people struggle with

- Playing from the SB I will make a video stating exactly how I think you should play from the sb. I will also give you a chart that will have preset ranges from the SB vs every position. As well as a relatively close to GTO attempt of a range I will talk about the adaptions to it due to population tendancies in the modern game. Additionally I will speak about a limping strategy that will be completely opposite of the one Sauce suggested a while ago and will be heavily dependent on modern day population tendancies

- Improving the red line and modern day GTO Possibly the biggest single thing that people struggle with. Depending on what you play it may not mean that your red line should be positive. In fact mine is actually break even. However this doesnt mean you shouldnt maximise your red line. I will talk about spots that I havent seen discussed in videos and pick 2-3 lines that will constantly help your red line. I will show example of hand histories and I will have live play videos that will show you too. I labelled this modern day GTO because I will speak heavily regarding my views on GTO, how we should use it and when we should deviate from it.

- Playing Deep I see that many people are scared of playing deep or simply sit out of tables when they double up because they dont feel competent playing with 200 big blinds. I will hopefully change you into somebody who wants to not run it twice and embrace the variance so that YOU CAN GET DEEP! We will speak about it during live play videos and also go into the theory behind it.

- Playing from the BB I often see people with very poor win rates from the big blind. This is usually down to the same stuff that they are doing wrong. I will address this and go into detail how I would proceed from the big blind. Again pre flop game plan will be supplied here.

2) Secrets of No Limit

I cant go into detail on this because if I say what it is it wont be a secret anymore. I havent spoke about this stuff in any video previously and I will show examples of when I do it, the results it has but also stress exactly when we shouldnt do things. Often people will say cool new concepts in poker and people will force them too much and not realise when they shouldnt do them. I would say these "secrets" significantly help my winrate.

3) Live videos I will make a live video at the below stakes and speak in detail about how I would deviate strategies at different stakes. I believe far too many videos in these "packs" have too much theory and not enough live play. I have made dozens of videos for PokerStrategy.com with live videos and they have generally always been popular.

- NL 25
- NL 50
- NL 100
- NL 200

4) FREE Advanced HUD and tutorial on how to use the HUD and why I have chosen the stats I have.

Why me?

- I play as much volume as almost any other regs
- Ive made as much strategy content as almost anybody else in 2013
- I hold the biggest weekly poker seminar in the world
- I have as good a winrate as almost any other regs in the games I play
- The things I am teaching here is what I excel in. My winrate in the blinds is very high and my combined loss rate is similar to that of most peoples big blind loss rate.


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