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Скачать Rapid Learner Course - Scott H Young (2016)



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Rapid Learner Course
Scott H Young

Rapid Learner will guide you through a strategy for learning almost anything, as effectively and efficiently as possible.

Each week will introduce a new topic, allowing you to build a foundation of more effective learning, before moving onto the next topic.

Скачать Rapid Learner Course - Scott H Young (2016)

In all, we cover six modules.

First the three CORE modules:
  • Week One: Project. In this module, Ill be explaining the importance of building a project. A project not only sets a clear goal, with deadlines and milestones, but it allows you to break down your learning task into a week-by-week schedule. This is the foundation for any rapid learning effort!
  • Week Two: Productivity. Next were going to tackle how you get things done. How do you know when to work? When to rest? How do you overcome procrastination and focus longer? This module will give you strategies and tools to do that better.
  • Week Three: Practice. Whats the best way to learn new things? The answer is clear: practice. In this course, Ill teach you how to learn in the most active way possible, avoiding the trap many students and learners fall into of reading and watching without really learning anything.
Next, the three ADVANCED modules:
  • Week Four: Insight. How do you get complex, abstract or difficult subjects? This module will walk through powerful techniques to teach yourself things you dont understand, from Greek philosophy to quantum physics!
  • Week Five: Memory. How do you remember things easily and quickly? In this module, Ill explain how memory works and how you can exploit quirks in your memory to be able to remember things longer and faster. Perfect for subjects which expect high volumes of memorization.
  • Week Six: Mastery. How to retain ideas for a lifetime? What about mastering them to the next level? When should you be okay with letting knowledge fade? In this module, Ill explain strategies for dealing with how to keep and improve knowledge you learn over your entire life.


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