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Скачать Commission Control + [OTO 1 & OTO 2] - Bill Hugall & Declan Mc (2017)



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Commission Control + [OTO 1 & OTO 2]
Bill Hugall & Declan Mc

The Commission Control: It's time for our customers to take control!
Our goal with Commission Control was to show your customers exactly how I've made my living over the last six years.
We're leaving nothing back and giving your customers every advantage they could ever ask for when it comes to generate a consitent full time income from home.
Template, playbook, Case study and "Day in the Life Of" style over the shoulder video trainings.

To cap it all off I've added a real world case study shot in "a day and the life of" Style video showing everything I did to take $200 and turn it into to over $1800 in a couple days.

OTO 1: Is a full blown walk-through of three separate case studies and strategies.
Each case is a huge step up from the last. There is a $1k, a $10k and a $100,000 week case study.
Every step of the process is laid out in great detail showing your customers exactly what’s possible and how to achieve it! Selling for $27 and 50% Commission.

OTO 2: Is a complete done for you thirty day Auto Responder sequence that they just plug-in play and drive traffic to.
Every offer on this AR series is proven to convert for Bill and will include presell and cluster mails. Basically in classic Bill fashion he has got you covered.
High converting offer that makes you money and info that your customers will love.


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