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Скачать 10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly - Sonmez (2017)



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10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly (2017)
Автор: John Sonmez

Скачать 10 Steps To Learn Anything Quickly - Sonmez (2017)

Язык - английский.

This 10-step system will show you:
  • How breaking out of the “learning cattle chute” can help you master even the most challenging technologies quickly.
  • The reason why including a mandatory “play time” in your study sessions can rocket you up the learning curve faster than you thought possible—even though you feel like you’re just goofing off.
  • A reliable heuristic for knowing what to read—and what to ignore. That’s right: Dumping that massive stack of unread books and deleting your Instapaper queue will actually make you a faster learner. (This will free you from “Amazon reading list guilt” forever.)
  • How to harness your natural creativity and curiosity for better, faster learning (with zero frustration and overwhelm).
  • How to chart your own course for learning a new topic. This will free you from the soft tyranny of book authors and trainers who think they know the best way for you to learn.
  • The 3 critical questions you must answer when you start learning anything new. (Don’t waste weeks wandering around lost and confused. These questions will point you in the right direction, every time.)
  • How to quickly get a “toehold” on any new topic before you dive deep. This technique lets you skip right past the part where your head spins from overwhelm.
  • How to break out of the “infinite reading loop,” where the more you read, the more your reading list grows.
  • The way to set yourself up for learning success. When you do this, you’ll know when you’re done with a topic and ready to move on to new challenges.
  • How you can use your new learning superpowers to quickly gain respect as a leader and an authority. Your team will look to you when it’s time to evaluate new technologies, and you’ll have top-notch employers beating down your door.
  • How to learn more by learning less. (This is critical to eliminating overwhelm—and actually putting what you’re learning into practice.)
Данный курс от известного американского блогера-программиста Джона Сомнеза даёт вам методику 10-ти эффективных шагов для быстрого изучения любого материала (не только программирования). В качестве бонуса в курсе даются советы для начинающих программистов, как быстро изучить новый язык программирования.


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